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1. Januar 2014

„Relativly Speaking“ – a comedy play @ The English Theatre of Hamburg

On Thursday 12th of December, our S1 English class went to the English Theatre of Hamburg with Mrs Winkler. The English Theatre presents plays in the original English. The audience includes students of English as well as native speakers.

We visited the comedy play “Relatively Speaking” by Alan Aychbourn. Before the play started we all met in front of the theatre to receive our tickets and Christmas sweets.

The comedy starts with the young couple Ginny and Greg. Ginny has to leave because she wants to visit her parents. In that scene Greg propose to her. Ginny reacts overwhelmed and confused and leaves him without an answer. Greg decides to visit Ginny`s parents as well, to ask for their permission. For the rest of the play Ginny and Greg sit together with Philip and Sheila, an older couple. Greg believes that Philip is Ginny`s father and that his wife, Sheila, is Ginny`s mother. During the play the audience finds out that Philip is Ginny`s old boss and secret lover. Sheila and Greg have no clue about the relationship between Philip and Ginny. At the end of a long afternoon when Ginny and Greg are about to leave, Sheila notices the strange behavior of Ginny and her husband.

The comedy “Relatively Speaking” was an entertaining and exciting play. Our English class and Mrs Winkler enjoyed the humorous and twisted plot. Overall it was a great excursion and we can only recommend this comedy performance to everyone.

-by Marlene Grundler and Patric Blohm (S1)