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7. Mai 2015

Girls Day in the ice cream parlor -­‐ „LA VENEZIANA“

This year on Girls Day I worked in the ice cream parlor. At 11 clock in the morning I was starting work and we prepared the day. My duties were to form scoops of ice cream at the ice cream counter, to fill the dishwasher,to make sundaes and serve them. Besides, I watched how to make ice cream. Spaghetti ice, was the most popular sundae on that day.

For ice cream cone, Yogurt-­‐Cherry was the favourite. Luckily, the weather was nice that day, so the ice cream shop was busy and we had a lot to do. A scoop of ice cream at the bar costs € 1.20. At the tables you get a lot of tip, which is divided at the end of the day among all employees. Overall, I saw how nice they treated each other. Together they are a wonderful team!

I specially like that all colleages eat together three times oft he day. The meals are prepared fresh by the chefs of the ice cream parlor. When I was there, there was for lunch spaghetti with salmon and in the evening stew with potatoe mash. The day in the ice cream shop gave me a lot of fun! Although I could not imagine working there later fulltime. But as a summer job working in an ice cream parlor sure is a great way to earn some extra money.

Ada Frantzen, 6b