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16. November 2020

„Making a difference“ – Speeches

Our task was to write a speech about a charity we admire and think is very interesting to talk about and inform the others.

Then, today in Mrs. Burmeisters class we gave our speeches. It was so interesting because I didn’t know so many facts about those themes. Did you know that every 10 seconds a child is dying of starvation and every tenth child is forced into child labor?

That is not the only thing children are affected by, child abuse is a very dark chapter in our society. 2 out of 30 people have already suffered sexual abuse. And lastly, did you know that in our entire war history 619 million humans got killed? We kill the same number of animals every 3 days.

All speeches were really Informative and touching. It was a really good lesson. And the best thing was that we were able to do it outside.

Autorin: Sara Krekler