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21. Februar 2023

Eine poetische Stimme am GymEpp

Das Gedicht von Raz Sharabyani geht direkt ins Herz und lädt zum nachdenklichen Verweilen ein!

A bad story does not stop being a bad story when you turn the page

The airplane lands
Not for the first time here
Not for the last time
But this time you hope to get what you came here for
Even if you don’t know what it is
Even if you walked away like you’ve left something behind

You speak their language, but neither of you understand the other
They look at you, and smile, you smile back
They ask you how you are?
You lie!

You look around and know you have a good life, yet ashamed of how much you hate it
Now feeling trapped
For years
Maybe Since that airplane landed

You’ve been feeling like you’re suffocating
Sometimes suffocating from pain
Sometimes suffocating from numbness
Sometimes suffocating from loneliness
Sometimes you wake up in a nightmare
Sometimes you wake up as if you’re watching your own life passively play in front of your eyes without being in control
Stuck in this void of darkness

Now you’re worried about what it takes to live, to speak, to start to feel better

You find yourself daydreaming
You find yourself having flashbacks
instantly smiling
Instantly eyes filled with tears
You find yourself counting the hours
You find yourself dreaming of the day when you’ll be home again

I realize it takes time
But time is all it takes
Not my heart. Not my life
Just time

Von: Raz Sharabyani (S2)