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5. September 2019

“Globale Disparitäten” – kreatives Projekt im bilingualen Geographieunterricht des 9. Jahrgangs

Yesterday, Mrs.Burmeister’s ninth grade Geography class was introduced to their new semester topic “Global Disparities”. She had asked the class to describe and interpret a photograph, which had been captioned “Our World – One World”. The photo was showing two hands holding each other, one hand light-skinned and the other hand with a darker complexion. On each finger a letter was written and together it spelt “one world”.

As a class we discussed whether our world is actually one, and we also spoke about why certain people are discriminated against (e.g. complexion, religious beliefs, sexuality, gender, country of origin).

Here we are sharing a selection of the results, as each student had their very own perspective on the phrase “Our world – one world!” or “Our world – one world?”.

(Text: Isabella König (9b) und Paula Sieberger (9c))